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 Tatiana was born in Moscow/Russia, graduated from  Moscow Pedagogical

University,Faculty of Painting Art.  Since 1991 she lives in Berlin and works

as a drawing teacher at Children’s Art School.



 Tatiana is not a professional photographer.

She started to take pictures in 1997 in order to

create paintings from photos.

 Since then photography turned

into passion that she still never took seriously.

Due to a fantastic feedback of her friends Tatiana

started to believe that her art is recognized and loved

by a huge auditory.    

“…warm words of my followers inspire me, give me

confidence and fill me with more passion for what I am

doing.  Thank you, dear friends; I hope you enjoy my world”




The artist tells lacy stories the difficulty of weaving could be compared with multiplicity of nuances of heaven and hell by Hieronymus Bosch. From each line, each strand Tatiana as Ariadna unwindes images created through interaction of her consciousness and uncosciousness. However Tatiana does not fill separate canvas with the images of heaven and hell, they exist in a tight interaction. Tie-ups and corporal traps, clownish grins of child fears, juggling with meanings, balancing above the emptiness. Human being and crowd, even if they  solely materialized in the scaly texture. The sight of a deep looking, fine feeling and meditative introvert. Rhythm, line, rhyme are bearing the central meaning in Tatiana’s oeuvre. By virtue of formal attributes and image completion it is a very poetic art, full of metaphors and divinations.

                                                                                    text : Tatiana Rizdvenko




 You can also see my pictures here

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